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"The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank" book

Is this community still alive? Anyone out there? Just thought I'd tell everyone what I thought of the book "The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank" by Ellen Feldman. It's a work of fiction about Peter van Pels.

Anyone interested in Anne Frank or Peter van Pels will find this book very intriguing. It's not only an interesting idea - what would Peter have done with his life had he lived through the end of the war? - but it's also very well written, giving a convincing voice to a character we know mostly from Anne's point of view. Told from Peter's perspective, it follows his life as grown man with a wife and two children, who has taken a new life in America as an architect, and has renounced his past. He denies his Jewishness, even to his family, and assumes the role of a Christian.
As 'Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl' comes into publication, Peter finds his past catching up to him, and he's caught totally off guard. As the phenomenon of the book, the play, and eventually the film, takes shape, Peter's life begins to change even more, and it becomes harder and harder for him to keep his past a secret.
I wasn't expecting this book to be as good as it was and I was pleasantly surprised. Ellen Felding really gets into the head of the character, and manages to stray away from romanticizing him too much, making him much more human. It also gives light to some thought provoking ideas on how society handles the holocaust.
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